Server Pilot: Shared Hosting

ServerPilot: Shared Hosting: Changelog

– Added: Force SSL
– Added: Auto SSL
– Added: debug information
– Added: option to install WordPress when creating app
– Modified: updated client area for WHMCS v6
– First Release

Server Pilot: Shared Hosting

ServerPilot: Shared Hosting: Installation

  • Upload the modules folder
  • Visit Setup>Addon Modules
    • Click activate
    • Click configure
      • Enter your license, Client ID & API Key
      • Tick Full Administrator
      • Click Save
  • Go to Addons > Server Pilot: Shared Hosting > Servers
    • Copy the ID for the server
  • Go to Setup > Products/Services > Servers
    • Add a new server
      • [Name:] Choose a suitable name
      • [Hostname:] The hostname of the server
      • [IP Address:] The IP of the server
      • [Type:] Serverpilot_sh
      • [Username:] Paste the ID of the server that you copied above
    • Save the server, and repeat for additional servers
    • Create a new server group called ‘ServerPilot_SH’
      • Assign the servers that you just created
  • Go to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services
    • Create a new product
    • Under ‘Details’
      • [Require Domain:] yes
    • Under ‘Module Settings’
      • [Module Name:] Serverpilot_sh
      • [Server Group:] The group that you just created
      • Adjust the SSL, Domain and Database settings
    • Save the product
    • Under ‘Custom Fields’

      • [field name] wordpress
        • [description] Would you like WordPress to be automatically installed?
        • [type] Drop Down
        • [select options] no,yes
        • [required field] & [show on order form]
      • [field name] wordpress_title
        • [type] text
        • [show on order form]
      • [field name] wordpress_user
        • [type] text
        • [show on order form]
      • [field name] wordpress_password
        • [description] Min. 8 characters
        • [type] password
        • [show on order form]
      • [field name] wordpress_email
        • [type] text
        • [show on order form]
    • Save changes (you might need to do this after adding each custom field)
  • Done. Place a test order to ensure that the module is working