Digital Ocean Digital Ocean v2

Digital Ocean: Changelog

– Modified: minor fixes and improvements
– Added: support for WHMCS 7.5 & PHP 7.1+
– Added: option for client to add ssh key when creating droplet
– Added: option to have a live list of images, or list specified from configurable options when rebuilding droplets
– Added: check for php-imap on addon page
– Added: better error reporting in client area
– Modified: major code changes
– Modified: minor changes to addon pages
– Modified: minor clientarea tweaks
– Modified: uses image slugs when creating confgurable options
– Removed: email piping, must now use IMAP import
– Fixed: fixed IMAP issue
– Added: debug information for support requests
– Fixed: added workaround for custom field bug
– Modified: updated updated database calls to use capsule
– Modified: other minor changes
– Modified: updated client area for WHMCS 6
– Modified: will now power off droplet during resize
– Added: additional information in client area (e.g. memory, cpus, disk space etc.)
– Added: additional information in admin area (e.g. memory, cpus, disk space etc.)
– Added: ability for client to change kernel
– Added: user data can be added by clients on order form
– Fixed: client area for custom themes
– Added: Resize disk when upgrading
– Modified: Option to disable IMAP certificate validation
– Fixed: Fixed error caused by complex IMAP passwords
– Fixed: Minor bug fixes
– Fixed: Minor bug fixes
– Added: Ability to create products with required settings from within module
– Added: If no hostname set srv{serviceid} will be set
– Added: IPv6 saved to ‘assigned IPs’ in WHMCS
– Added: All IPs saved under ‘notes’ in WHMCS to comply with proposed government regulations
– Added: debug log
– Added: send email on creation fail
– Added: push snapshot to all regions
– Added: DNS/Domain support
– Added: POP/IMAP import of emails
– Modified: Updated to APIv2
– Modified: Snapshots now a separate product (can be billed separately from droplet)
– Modified: IPv6 and Private Networking enabled by default (where available)
– Modified: Revamped ClientArea
– Modified: Processing bar when performing actions
– Fixed: Email piping
– Module now only supports configurable options
– Modified admin area to display droplet IDs
– Modified create command so if hostname/domain is empty auto generate one
– Modified create option groups command to include all available regions/images
– Modified terminate command to always scrub data
– Modified email pipe to use whmcs “Dedicated/VPS Server Welcome Email” template
– Modified management actions to hide actions
– Added save username and default password to database
– Added clientarea.tpl for the client area
– Added destroy option on control tab
– Added support for Private Networking
– Added support for global SSH Keys
– Minor changes to cURL connection
– Fixed backup issue after Digital Ocean system changes
– Added language file for email
– Added suspend/unsuspend function
– Added language file for client area
– API cURL fixes
– Added auto create option group button
– Added option to use configurable option groups for Datacenter and Operating System
– Added ability for client to rename/change hostname of droplet
– Added dropdown for choosing droplet size
– Added option to reinstall snapshot from another droplet in the same datacentre
– Added completed history items status to database for faster loading
– Added support for backups
– Added support for snapshots
– Piping timeout bug fixes
– Ability to get IP address if it is not assigned
– Option to fix cURL SSL error
– Better error messages
– Display API error details
– New admin addon page layout
– Added droplet list to addon page
– View current module version & latest version
– Upgrade/Downgrade droplets (see notes)
– First Release
– Development Version
– Development Version