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Digital Ocean: Email Piping

For clients to be able to receive the droplet login details, you will need to setup email piping. We recommend creating a separate email address (such as [email protected]) to avoid any issues with non Digital Ocean emails.

The email address must be setup with Digital Ocean here.

The correct paths and method of installation will depend on your server – please check with your control panel provider or system administrator for exact setup instructions.

Directadminmore info

In Directadmin you will create an email forwarder similar to the following:

"|/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/username/public_html/modules/addons/digitalocean/pipe.php"

cPanelmore info

In cPanel set pipe.php to 755 permissions. Open the pipe.php file and make sure the top line points to php on your server (if unsure of the correct path contact your system administrator),

Create an email forwarder and select ‘more options’ under the pipe to program option and enter the full path to pipe.php it will be similar to:



If your main domain does not point to the webserver (e.g. if you use Google Apps, or Office 365) you can setup a subdomain and point the MX records to the webserver e.g. [email protected]

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