Hourly Billing

Hourly Billing: Installation

  • Upload the modules folder
  • Visit Setup>Addon Modules
    • Click activate
    • Click configure
      • Enter your license
      • Tick Full Administrator
      • Click Save
  • Go to Setup>Products/Services>Products/Services
    • Create a new product (or modify an existing product)
      • Set price to Free
      • Set to “Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed”
  • Go to Addons>Hourly Billing
    • [Module Info Tab]
      • Modify settings and save (see notes below)
    • [Products Tab]
      • Enable the products, set prices and save
  • Go to Setup>Email Templates
    • Make sure you have a template called “Credit Warning” (required if you want to send low credit warning – see email template wiki)
  • Create a cron job that runs every 2-5 minutes pointing to (modify the address to match your install):
    "wget -O /dev/null"
    • If you have enabled logging visit Utilities>Logs>Activity Log and make sure the cron is running


  • Disable SSL – tick this option if you receive a cURL verification error
  • Minimum Charge – this is the starting charge of a product, allowing you to choose between charging at the beginning or end of the hour e.g. if set to 1 client will be charged 1 hour upon setup, if set to 0 client will not be charged 1 hour until after the first hour has passed.
  • Require Credit – if enabled (PrePay) client will require credit for services to continue, if credit reaches 0 the service will be terminated. If disabled (PostPay) the client will be invoiced for the amount at the end of the month.
  • Grace – if PrePay is enabled, when the clients credit reaches 0 they will go in to the grace period. This will mean the service is not terminated until charges reach the grace limit. The grace amount will be billed at the end of the month.
  • Low Credit – if prepay and client has active services, they will receive a daily low credit warning email once they reach this threshold. Set this option to ‘-1’ to disable sending.
  • Invoice Day – day of the month invoices should be generated (between 1 and 28).
  • Enable Log – if logging is enabled, the activity log will be updated every time the cron runs.