Vultr: Installation

  • Upload the modules folder
  • Visit Setup>Addon Modules
    • Click activate
    • Click configure
      • Enter your license & API key
      • Tick Full Administrator
      • Click Save
  • Go to Addons > Vultr
    • Create a Non-Windows option group
    • Create a Windows option group
    • {Note:} if you receive a cURL error, tick the disable_ssl option and save changes
  • Go to Setup>Products/Services>Products/Services
    • Create a new product
      • [Product Type:] Dedicated/VPS Server
      • Continue
      • Details Tab
        • [Welcome Email:] Dedicated/VPS Server Welcome Email
      • Module Settings Tab
        • [Module Name:] Vultr
          • Choose a plan
          • Choose a startup script if you have any
      • Custom Fields Tab
        • [Field Name:] server_id
        • [Field Type:] Text Box
        • Admin Only
      • Configurable Options Tab
        • Choose the group you crated
        • {Note:} Windows/Non-Windows will depend on the plan you have chosen
      • Save Changes

Next Step.. Customization