Hourly Billing WHMCS Module


This module is for billing products hourly via WHMCS.

You can enable hourly billing for any product in whmcs, you can set the hourly price up to a chosen maximum e.g. 0.10/hr up to 10.00/mo

You can set prepay/postpay. Prepay requires a user to have credit available and post pay will be invoiced monthly.

If prepay and credit reaches 0 the service will be terminated, there is however the option to set a grace amount. So if the credit gets to 0 it won’t be instantly terminated and the grace amount will be invoiced at the end of the month.

You can also set a low credit warning amount, then if a user has an active service they will get a daily reminder to top up.

There is also a minimum charge option which lets you choose how the first hour is billed, when a service is created it starts the charge from x hours e.g. If set to 0 then hour 0-1 is charged at 0 hours, If set to 1 then hour 0-1 is charged at 1 hour, If set to 2 then hour 0-1 is charged at 2 hours etc. (each hour after this will be charged at 1 hour)


Documentation can be found in our WIKI